Phoenix District 4 and 8 campaign finance round up

September 30, 2013

The Post-General Election Campaign finance reports are in and here is a quick round up of the candidates.  I would try to link to the individual reports, but it looks like it generates a new report each time, so you pretty much have to check for yourself.  You can search for campaign finance information on the Phoenix City Clerk’s site.

Phoenix District 4

Laura Pastor has raised $40,405 this period bringing her total up to $186,737 overall.  On the other hand, Justin Johnson has raised $55,550 this period and $226,551 overall.  Johnson bested Pastor this period by more than $15,000 dollars despite the fact that she received a $5,000 check from UFCW.  More importantly, Johnson has a sizeable lead in cash on hand with $64,259 left to spend compared to $32,907 for Pastor.  That means that heading into early ballots next week, Johnson has nearly twice as much money as Pastor has to spend reaching out to voters.

Phoenix District 8

Kate Gallego continues her fundraising dominance over Warren Stewart raising nearly three times more than her opponent in the latest period.  In the latest report, Gallego raised $20,885 bringing her total up to an impressive $223,920.  Meanwhile, Stewart, who was a distant second in the General Election, raised $7,691 in the latest period bringing his total up to $130,043.  Despite Gallego’s massive financial head start, both campaigns have similar cash on hand heading into early ballots next week with Gallego showing $8,417 to spend and Stewart actually having a slight edge at $8,721.  The question is, will the incredible amount of money that Gallego spent attempting to win outright in August be enough to carry the lead all the way to November?







Does Laura Pastor actually show up?

September 24, 2013

There is no doubt that the supporters of Laura Pastor have been pulling out all the stops to get her elected.  First, it was the same old heavy handed tactics of threatening the supporters of other candidates.  Then, it was the “mysterious” hit piece with curious timing and aggressive efforts by Pastor’s own supporters to draw attention to it.  That was enough for Pastor to win a second place finish in August – despite telling supporters all around town that they would be in first place by a large margin.

So, now it’s the run-off and Pastor’s supporters are kicking it into high gear.  They’re pulling out all the stops with “push polls” beating up Justin Johnson.  In addition, Pastor’s campaign folks have officially hit the “find and replace” button recycling Keogh Parks’ old campaign emails (which were actually just recycled Stanton emails) trying to paint Johnson in the negative light.

All this is mentioned to bring up a larger point, if Laura Pastor got the job, would she actually show up?  The answer seems like probably not.  She was taken to task today about her attendance record, which everyone has to admit is pretty dismal:

Encanto Village Planning Committee

1/3/2007 Regular Meeting did not attend
4/2/2007 Regular Meeting did not attend
5/7/2007 Regular Meeting attended
8/6/2007 Regular Meeting did not attend
9/5/2007 Regular Meeting did not attend
10/1/2007 Regular Meeting did not attend
11/5/2007 Regular Meeting did not attend
12/3/2007 Regular Meeting did not attend

1/7/2008 Regular Meeting attended
2/4/2008 Regular Meeting attended
3/3/2008 Regular Meeting did not attend
4/7/2008 Regular Meeting attended
6/2/2008 Regular Meeting did not attend
7/7/2008 Regular Meeting did not attend
8/4/2008 Regular Meeting attended
9/8/2008 Regular Meeting attended
10/6/2008 Regular Meeting did not attend
11/3/2008 Regular Meeting attended
12/1/2008 Regular Meeting attended

1/5/2009 Regular Meeting did not attend
3/3/2009 Regular Meeting attended
4/7/2009 Regular Meeting did not attend
5/11/2009 Regular Meeting did not attend
7/13/2009 Regular Meeting attended
9/14/2009 Regular Meeting attended
10/5/2009 Regular Meeting did not attend
11/2/2009 Regular Meeting did not attend
12/7/2009 Regular Meeting attended

1/4/2010 Regular Meeting attended
4/5/2010 Regular Meeting did not attend
8/2/2010 Regular Meeting attended
10/4/2010 Regular Meeting attended
11/1/2010 Regular Meeting attended
12/6/2010 Regular Meeting attended

1/10/2011 Regular Meeting did not attend
2/7/2011 Regular Meeting did not attend
4/4/2011 Regular Meeting attended
7/11/2011 Regular Meeting did not attend
8/1/2011 Regular Meeting did not attend
11/7/2011 Regular Meeting did not attend
12/5/2011 Regular Meeting did not attend

1/9/2012 Regular Meeting attended
2/6/2012 Regular Meeting did not attend
4/2/2012 Regular Meeting did not attend

Meetings: 44
Attended: 19
Percent: 43.18%

Transportation Advisory Committee

1/15/2008 Executive Session did not attend
1/15/2008 Regular TAB Meeting did not attend
7/15/2008 Regular TAB Meeting attended
9/16/2008 Regular TAB Meeting did not attend
11/18/2008 Regular TAB Meeting attended

1/20/2009 Regular TAB Meeting did not attend
3/17/2009 Regular TAB Meeting attended
3/27/2009 Special TAB Meeting did not attend
7/21/2009 Regular TAB Meeting attended
11/17/2009 Regular TAB Meeting attended

1/19/2010 Regular TAB Meeting did not attend
3/16/2010 Regular TAB Meeting attended
5/18/2010 Regular TAB Meeting attended
7/20/2010 Regular TAB Meeting attended
9/21/2010 Regular TAB Meeting attended
10/14/2010 Regular TAB Meeting did not attend
11/16/2010 Regular TAB Meeting did not attend

1/18/2011 Regular TAB Meeting did not attend
3/15/2011 Regular TAB Meeting attended
5/17/2011 Regular TAB Meeting attended
8/2/2011 Regular TAB Meeting attended
11/15/2011 Regular TAB Meeting attended
11/20/2011 Regular TAB Meeting did not attend

1/17/2012 Regular TAB Meeting attended
5/15/2012 Regular TAB Meeting attended
9/18/2012 Regular TAB Meeting attended
11/20/2012 Regular TAB Meeting did not attend

Meetings: 27
Attended: 16
Percent: 59.26%

Would Laura Pastor actually show up?  Looks like the answer is no.


Greater Phoenix Chamber Announces Endorsements for 2013 City Council Races

June 18, 2013

(PHOENIX) – The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (PAC) today announced its Phoenix City Council candidate endorsements for the upcoming August elections.  The GPCC PAC spans over three decades of support for candidates in local and state races who have distinguished themselves as knowledgeable and supportive of issues affecting the success of greater Phoenix area businesses.

“The Chamber PAC Board is extremely impressed with the quality of candidates who responded to our candidate questionnaire and participated in our candidate interview and evaluation process for the upcoming City of Phoenix Council elections,” said Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce PAC Chairman, John W. Moody. “The Council will continue to face many important and difficult issues impacting our community and the level of professionalism, knowledge and commitment to our city, as demonstrated by our candidate evaluation process, bodes well for the citizens of Phoenix. We are extremely pleased to lend the Chamber PAC’s support to our endorsed slate of pro-business candidates.”

The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce PAC has decided to endorse the following candidates for the 2013 Phoenix City Council races:

District 2 – Councilman Jim Waring

District 4 – Justin Johnson

District 6 – Councilman Sal DiCiccio

The election for Phoenix City Council Districts begins with early voting August 2 and continues through August 27. Eighteen (18) polling centers will be open August 24, 26 and 27. To find polling locations, call the City of Phoenix election information line at 602-261-6837. To request an early ballot, voters can call 602-261-6837 and request an early ballot request postcard, or mail a signed letter listing their name, address and phone number to the City Clerk Department, Elections Division, 200 W. Washington St., 15th Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85003.

About the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee 
The Chamber PAC was established in 1978 to help pro-business candidates get elected to state, county and local offices and ultimately improve the overall business climate in Greater Phoenix.  The Chamber first became a Super PAC in 2003- the first Chamber in Arizona to achieve this elite distinction which allows the PAC to drastically increase its support of pro-business candidates.  To date, the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce is one of two Chambers in the state to achieve Super PAC status.

About the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
Established in 1888 and representing 2,600 businesses across Metropolitan Phoenix, the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce is Arizona’s largest and most-established business organization. The Chamber supports the growth and development of business by offering networking and marketing opportunities, money-saving programs and a voice in government, keeping its members informed, connected and prosperous. The Chamber enhances members’ success by promoting economic development, entrepreneurship and a connection to the community with local chapters in Anthem, Deer Valley and South Mountain/Laveen.

Republic Run Down of Candidates

June 12, 2013

The field is set for an expensive and contentious Phoenix election season, and political insiders say it could be one of the most contested cycles the city has seen in many years.

Candidates vying for the City Council were required to file their nominating petitions last week, narrowing the pool to 16 contenders. The city still must certify several of the candidates’ petition signatures before candidates can be officially placed on the ballot.

Four council seats are up for grabs in the Aug. 27 primary: Districts 2, 4, 6 and 8. If no candidate receives more than 50 percent of the votes in a district, the city will conduct a runoff election in November.

Two of the districts face particularly competitive races because the current council representatives are not running for re-election. Councilman Tom Simplot, District 4, announced he would not seek another term; and Councilman Michael Johnson, District 8, is termed out.

The deadline to register to vote is July 29. For more information on voter registration or to find a map of the council districts, visit or call 602-262-6837.

Click here to see the slide show.

Phoenix City Council Candidate Round-up

June 12, 2013

Here are the official city council candidates according to the Phoenix City Clerk’s website:

District 2
Virgel Cain
Jim Waring

District 4
Jeffrey Brown
Dan Carroll
Scott Fistler
Austin Head
Justin Johnson
David Lujan
Laura Pastor

District 6
Sal DiCiccio
Karlene Keogh Parks

District 8
Kate Gallego
Carolyn T. Lowery
Lawrence A. Robinson
Luis F. Rodriguez
Warren Stewart


Racial tension in Phoenix City Council Race

May 29, 2013

A week after a Phoenix City Council candidate was the apparent target of a newspaper column that used a racially charged epithet, debate over the role of race in the contest continued to boil at a Wednesday candidate event and on social media.  Read the whole story here.

Questionable email from Parks defending Unions

May 23, 2013

It’s one thing to be endorsed by the Police and Fire Unions.  It’s another thing altogether to defend unions in general and attempt to use recent tragedies to further your own cause.  Yesterday, Karlene Keogh Parks sent out a questionable email that was forwarded our way:

“When politicians in right-to-work states attack ‘unions’ it is important to know who exactly they’re talking about.

Firefighter Bradley Harper and Police Officer Daryl Raetz laid down their lives in service to the people of Phoenix last weekend and both were dues paying union members.

Unions have names.

Unions have faces.

They are the names and faces of the thousands of men and women who work hard on our behalf every day. Labor associations advocate for their safety equipment, the resources their members need to get the job done, and yes, for the compensation that will now go to the families of these fallen heroes.

Some of our city employees say goodbye to their families every morning and place themselves in harm’s way so we can be safe. Do we the taxpayers have a responsibility to them? You bet we do, and politicians who cheapen that obligation by throwing “union” around like it’s a dirty word don’t speak for me.

Even when we disagree, it’s possible to do it in a respectful and constructive way. I believe it’s important to always remember this:

There is a wall in the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association’s office hung with the photographs of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the people of Phoenix. There is another similar wall at the United Phoenix Firefighters office. Both of those walls are filled with pictures of union members. On neither wall will you find the photograph of a politician.”

Justin Johnson stopped by police for delivering flowers

May 14, 2013

From KPHO:

PHOENIX (CBS5) – A candidate for Phoenix city council was spreading some cheer to mothers throughout District 4 on Saturday night when he was stopped by a police officer wondering what he was doing.

Candidate Justin Johnson said his campaign purchased carnations to deliver to the moms in his district over Mother’s Day weekend. Johnson said they were out delivering after midnight as they tried to give them all out before Sunday so Mother’s Day could be spent with their own moms, grandmothers and wives.

Johnson said a bright light flashed in his face at one doorstep, he turned around and heard, “Freeze! Drop what’s in your hand!”

Johnson said the officer asked what the group was doing “creeping around” and Johnson explained they were delivering Mother’s Day flowers.

The officer asked, “What type of person delivers flowers at midnight?”

Johnson told him he’s a candidate for Phoenix City Council.

Johnson said the officer chuckled and let them on their way. Johnson said he thanked the officer for helping to keep the neighborhoods safe.

Johnson said, “[It’s] a Mother’s Day memory I won’t soon forget.”